The Claims Team: Ivenne Largaespada, Bill Rietmann and Sally Choy
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Ivenne Largaespada
Bill Rietmann
Sally Choy
Lauri Winic
Matthew Eliaser

Claims: Highlights and Benefits

In our last newsletter, we described The Mutual’s Member Services Department, and outlined the coverages available to you through your Professional Liability Insurance Policy with The Mutual.

In this edition, we focus on The Mutual’s Claims Department.

When to Contact Claims

First, per the requirements of your Policy, you must contact the Claims Department if you receive a written claim in which damages are alleged for bodily injury, which arise from direct patient treatment. A written claim may take the form of a Summons and Complaint, a notice of intent, or a general letter of complaint concerning your patient treatment.

Although not required by the Policy, the Claims Department encourages reports of matters where, for example, your patient experienced an unexpected, negative medical outcome, and you are concerned for any reason that the patient or his/her family may later pursue a claim or lawsuit.

And as we noted in the last newsletter, your Policy includes coverage for medical practice-related disciplinary proceedings, such as medical board matters, so be sure to contact the Claims Department right away if you ever receive notice relating to such a matter or investigation.

The Claims Team

The members of The Mutual’s Claims Department are dedicated to Vituity providers and bring a wealth of experience to the task. Together, our team of five individuals has over 75 years of experience in the field of medical professional liability (MPL). We have worked on behalf of several MPL insurance carriers, as well as academic medical centers and public entities, and include in our group a former MPL defense attorney. For additional insight, the Claims team frequently confers with The Mutual’s CEO, CMO and Corporate Counsel, and consults with Vituity leadership.

For matters which progress to lawsuits, or other matters requiring legal representation, The Mutual retains a national panel of established and carefully selected law firms with expertise in medical negligence defense. We work exclusively with attorneys who have extensive experience in the specialized field of MPL, and whose offices are located in the different states and communities where our insureds practice.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Claims team at any time; we are here to serve you.