Patient Safety: Highlights and Benefits

Patient Safety at The Mutual means support of Vituity providers in maintaining the level of clinical excellence you provide to your patients. Our services promote risk awareness through education and timely guidance through medicolegal challenges that arise in care. Leveraging our close collaborations with Vituity's Education & Experience team and Clinical Risk leadership, we offer content and approaches specifically designed for safer care and reduction of unnecessary risk exposure.

How can we serve you?

In-person Education

Your site medical director can schedule a 1-hour session with a physician educator who will review real litigated cases and discuss best-practices for mitigating risk in high-risk treatment scenarios. We're currently joining your team meetings via a remote platform. We celebrate participation! Attendees receive CME credit through Vituity's Education and Experience Department, and many providers report taking away great tips to incorporate in their practice.

Online Risk Education
The Patient Safety Team

Working with Vituity Risk Management Leadership, we curate a wide selection of online risk courses available from the Vituity portal in Vituity University and Med-IQ. Most recently, we've been developing 15-minute CME modules on complex medical conditions authored by members of our Claims Advisory Committee.

Vituity Events

We are always so grateful for our ability to host a risk breakout at Spring Symposia. This year our program will incorporate our seminar format case reviews in addition to an attorney presenter who will discuss the legal landscape created by pandemic crisis standards of care. We hope to see you there!

Meet the Team

Heather Weiss, PA-C, Vituity
Director of Patient Safety Education Programs, The Mutual
Heather has practiced at Vituity for 17 years as a physician assistant in Northern California's Good Samaritan Hospital. She co-presents with our physician educators and brings a unique clinical perspective to our site seminars and other education programs. We hope you catch up with her soon at seminar. Meanwhile, check out the latest case.

Dr. Mark Spiro
Chief Medical Officer at The Mutual and former President of Vituity
Mark has over 20 years' experience in medical leadership. Prior to joining The Mutual in 2014, he served as your President & COO for about 15 years. Mark has over 30 years of experience as an emergency medicine physician. Now, he is the bridge connecting our programs from claims and litigation to risk management education and risk financing. Our programs are geared as closely to your needs as possible because we have Mark to help translate in a meaningful way. And, he takes it all seriously—I mean, the Sumo wrestlers in his Zoom background say it all, right?

Renee Bernard, JD
Vice President, Patient Safety
I'm responsible for strategy and implementation of new approaches to managing risk arising in a variety of practice settings and specialties. Being a resource in your medical practice journey to help you and your patients is the absolute joy of my work. Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me directly. I love hearing your ideas for education topics!

Please do not hesitate to contact the patient safety team at any time; we are here to serve you.