Collaborative, Innovative and Personalized
Support to Help Insureds Avoid Claims

We take pride in our ability to work with our insureds to enhance patient safety thus avoiding claims in the first place. To that end — and to help our insureds render the highest quality medical care and patient safety possible — The Mutual has created a comprehensive, effective risk management program developed on the basis of our insureds’ own experience.

Because we specialize in insuring emergency and acute care physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, our expertise in addressing the risks they face is second to none. Our risk management program is a collaborative endeavor. We view our insureds as team members in a coordinated approach to risk reduction and enhanced patient safety. We don’t try to impose our guidelines and strategies on our insureds, instead, we work with our insureds, offering observations and suggestions, and seeking their opinions and ideas. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach; we customize our efforts to suit specific emergency and acute care departments and personnel.

Our program includes the following educational and other risk management services free of charge to our insureds:

  • Extensive risk assessment of your practice site(s).
  • On-site educational seminars covering a range of current topics.
  • One-on-one telephone consultations about risk issues and potential claims.
  • Annual Litigation Stress & Education Retreat.
  • Risk management e-newsletters.
  • Interactive training on acute care procedures.

Hospital Outreach

The Mutual believes in a collaborative approach with the hospital in all aspects of our insureds' practices. Our company is unique in that we only insure emergency medicine and acute care specialties. The Mutual wants to work collaboratively with the hospital risk managers to prevent and mitigate losses and improve patient safety.

For all Patient Safety/Risk Management services please contact: Heather Weiss, at

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